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Build Your Stack Overflow Community
Build Your Stack Overflow Community

Tips, insights, and best practices for building a thriving community on your SOE site.

Written by Loren Alldrin
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Applies to: Enterprise

This documentation is for Stack Overflow Enterprise. Free, Basic, and Business users can access their documentation here. Find your plan.


Creating excitement, increasing engagement, and building a thriving community should be the main goal of Stack Overflow Enterprise (SOE) community managers and moderators, especially when launching a new site. To this end, we've created three guides filled with tips, insights, and best practices to help you make your SOE site a vibrant resource for your users.

NOTE: We use the generic word "community" in this article, not to be confused with Stack Overflow's Communities feature.

Kickstart Planning and Community Best Practices

This guide gives community managers the ins and outs of building vibrant technical communities in SOE. It covers key steps in launching a new SOE site, how to prepare for the kickstart period, areas to monitor in the early stages of your community, and community best practices.

Guide for Community Managers and Moderators

This guide provides information on key tasks required for basic moderation, how to use moderator tools, and tips on workflows and advanced features.

Building your Community Team

This guide offers advice on recruiting for the roles of the administrative team implementing a SOE community for an organization. It provides information on the key roles of your team, their responsibilities, and some skills to look for when recruiting.

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