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How to use the activity timeline to see past actions that affect questions and answers.

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As users perform such actions as answering questions, editing questions or answers, adding comments, and voting, Stack Overflow for Teams records these activities on a timeline. All users can access this timeline to see the events and activities that have affected each question and answer.

Some of the events tracked on the activity timeline include:

  • Initial posting of a question or answer

  • Edits and rollbacks

  • Approved edits

  • Deletion

  • Bounty events

  • Comments

This article focuses on the activity timeline for questions and answers. Articles have a similar timeline that tracks user activity pertaining to that article. Learn more about Articles.

The activity timeline

You can view all the activities performed on a question or answer by clicking its activity timeline (clock) button.

The activity timeline lists events with the date and time it occurred, what type of event it was, additional details, who performed the event, and a comment. You can interact with the activity list in several ways.

Click toggle format to change the display of the date and time.

To see the changes resulting from edit events, click the gray triangle button to expand the edit history.

Event filter buttons at the top of the timeline allow you to Hide vote summaries or Show vote summaries.

Hiding vote summaries can make the activity list more manageable for very popular questions or answers.

Sometimes, multiple events happen to a question or answer at the same instant. For example: a user posts a question and answers it at the same time. Related events will show the same date and time, and you'll see "S" (indicating simultaneous events) if you hover your mouse over one of the timestamps.

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