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Themes and High-Contrast Mode
Themes and High-Contrast Mode

How to use the light theme, dark theme, and high-contrast display mode.

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Applies to: All Stack Overflow for Teams


In addition to the default light theme, you can view your Stack Overflow for Teams site with a dark theme to reduce eye strain. An additional high-contrast mode works with both light and dark themes to make text more readable.

NOTE: Some sites require an administrator to enable high-contrast mode before you can use it. If you don't see the high-contrast option in your settings, contact your site admin for assistance.

Enable light, dark, and high-contrast modes

To change how your site looks, access your personal preferences.

  1. Click on your avatar (profile picture).

  2. Click Account settings (Teams Free, Basic, and Business) or Settings (Teams Enterprise).

  3. Click Preferences under the "SITE SETTINGS" heading.

You'll see theme and high-contrast display settings on this page.


The Preferences page gives you three Theme options:

  • Light The default setting, with dark text on a light background.

  • System setting Light or dark mode follows your computer (system) setting.

  • Dark Light text on a dark background.

Below are examples of light and dark themes (normal contrast).

High-contrast mode

As its name implies, high-contrast mode increases the contrast of the Stack Overflow for Teams interface to maximize legibility. Below are examples of high-contrast mode in both light and dark themes.

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