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How to share content with other users.

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Sharing any content on your Stack Overflow for Teams site is a great way to help other users locate important information. Sharing your content improves your chances of getting answers to questions and seeing your reputation increase.

NOTE: Unless you're sharing content on the public Stack Overflow site (, only registered users with access to your Stack Overflow for Teams site will be able to follow content links you share.

How you share content depends on the content type: question, answer, article, or collection.

Share a question or answer

Each question or answer has a Share link directly below the body of the post. Click this link to open a pop-up window with the post's URL.

Click Copy link. You can then share this URL with other users to send them directly to the question or answer.

The URL contains your user ID as the last number in the link. This identifies you as the person sharing the link, which allows Stack Overflow for Teams to award badges pertaining to sharing content. The link will work if you remove your user ID, but you won't receive credit for sharing the content.

Share an article

Click Share article at the top right of any article to open a pop-up window with the article's URL. Copy and share this URL to send other users directly to the article. Unlike a shared question or answer, your user ID is not part of the article URL.

To share a targeted link directly to a specific heading in an article, click the link icon next to any heading.

This will scroll the heading to the top of your browser window, and add the heading link to the URL in your browser's address bar. Instead of clicking Share, copy and share the updated URL from the browser's address bar.

Share a collection

Click Share collection at the top of any collection to open a popover with the collection's URL. Copy and share this URL to send other users directly to the collection.

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