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Clear, descriptive tag info helps users effectively apply tags.

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In addition to its name, each tag has additional info to help you apply the tag correctly. A short summary ("usage guidance") for the tag appears under the tag name on many pages of the site. A longer field contains the full information for the tag, including usage examples and links to additional resources. This field is often referred to as the tag's wiki.

For general information regarding tags, read the Tags overview article.

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As the term "wiki" implies, it's up to users to add the additional tag information. Stack Overflow for Teams will prompt users for help with these fields. If a tag has no additional information, you'll see "Help us edit this wiki" when you hover over the tag. At the top of the tag page, you may see "The [tag] tag has no usage guidance, can you help us create it?" or "Improve tag info".

Edit tag information

Clicking the link in any tag info message (for example: Improve tag info) will take you to the Editing tag info page.

On the Edit tag info page, you can add or edit the following fields.

Usage guidance (excerpt)
Use this field to briefly describe what the tag is. You'll have 460 characters max, so be brief and direct. A single sentence will usually suffice.

Full tag wiki
Use this field to give thorough guidance on how the tag should be used. Provide a fuller description of the tag, examples of appropriate questions and Articles, links to relevant external resources, and anything else you think will benefit other users of the tag.

Write effective tag information

Tags are the most effective means to organize content on your Stack Overflow for Teams site, but users must apply them correctly. Use the tag information fields as a means to this end.

To help you with the process of documenting tags, you'll see several tips for writing effective tag information in the right-hand sidebar of the Editing tag info page.

You can also refer to this tag information blog article for additional tips.

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