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Watch and Ignore Tags

How to watch and ignore tags to stay abreast of the content you care about.

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Applies to: All Stack Overflow for Teams


Watching tags is an effective way to stay informed of new content and topics you're most interested in. Stack Overflow for Teams will alert you to new activity on watched tags, and will also highlight relevant questions in lists to make them stand out. You can also ignore tags, which hides or de-emphasizes questions in lists.

In addition to highlighting questions on the site, Stack Overflow for Teams will notify you of tag activity by email. When you add or manage tags, you can set Stack Overflow for Teams to alert you with an email:

  • As soon as someone adds new content with the watched tag.

  • Once a day (digest)

  • Never

Watch tags

There are three ways to begin watching a tag: on tag hover, the "Watched Tags" sidebar, and tag watching settings.

On tag hover
When you hover your mouse over a tag on the site, a pop-up window will appear with additional info about the tag.

You’ll see the number of watchers of the tag, as well as how many posts use the tag. Click Watch tag to begin watching the tag. If you're already watching the tag, you can stop watching it by clicking Unwatch tag. After clicking Watch tag, the site will prompt you to set your notification frequency preference.

"Watched Tags" sidebar
On the right side of your home page sits the “Watched Tags” sidebar box. Click edit in this box to manage all of your watched tags.

There you can start watching new tags and change notification preferences for tags you're already watching.

Tag watching settings
The tag watching settings page allows you to add new watched tags as well as manage your watched tags and tag notification settings.

Tag watching settings

To manage your tags and tag notification settings, click on your avatar (profile picture). Then click Account settings (Teams Free, Basic, and Business) or Settings (Teams Enterprise). Click Tag watching & ignoring in the left-hand settings menu.

The Tag watching page lists all the tags you're watching on your main site and any other teams you're a part of.

Here you can remove watched tags, change notification frequency, or watch new tags. To continue to watch your tags without email alerts, click Unsubscribe from all to set all tags' notification frequency to Never.

Ignore Tags

In the same way you can watch tags, you can also ignore tags. Stack Overflow for Teams grays out (or completely removes) questions with ignored tags in question lists. You can watch or ignore a tag, but not both.

The process for ignoring tags is nearly identical to that of watching tags. You can ignore tags when you hover your mouse over a tag, in the "Ignored Tags" sidebar box, and the "Ignored tags" list on your Tag watching page. The "Ignored Tags" sidebar box also allows you to select whether you want Stack Overflow for Teams to gray out or hide questions with ignored tags.

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