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How to use the Content Health feature to keep your content accurate and relevant.

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Stack Overflow for Teams performs automated checks of content to identify questions and Articles (posts) that may be inaccurate or out-of-date. The Content Health feature then alerts users to information that may be in need of updating, helping ensure the trustworthiness of the knowledge on your site.

Site administrators, moderators, and users with high enough reputation can verify, edit, or mark content as obsolete. In this way, Content Health helps the knowledge in your team stay accurate, relevant, and useful.

NOTE: The Content Health feature is available on Stack Overflow for Teams Business and Enterprise tiers only. For Enterprise users, the Content Health feature is available only on the main site. It is not available on private teams. Find your plan.

Content Health dashboard

If your reputation is high enough to be a content reviewer, you'll see a Content Health link in the left-hand menu. Clicking this takes you to the Content Health dashboard, where Stack Overflow for Teams lists questions and Articles that may need attention.

The top of the page displays Content Health settings and an overview of the total number of posts and how many posts need attention.

You can use the following filters to control which posts appear in your Content Health dashboard list.

Post title Include posts with the supplied key word(s) in their title.

Post type Include All posts, Questions, or Articles.

Tagged with... Include posts with at least one of the selected tags (up to three tags).

Only my posts Include only questions or Articles you wrote.

NOTE: You can also see Content Health review recommendations on your For You page. Click review question or review article to go to the Content Health review queue for that post.

Content Health review queue

To see the posts in your filtered or unfiltered list, click Review all posts to open the Content Health review queue. You can also click on the title of any post in the review list to open the review queue to that question or Article.

The Content Health review queue allows you to step through the posts that need review. The main window shows the body of the question or Article, with an "Actions" box to the right of the content.

This box allows you to Verify, Edit, or Mark obsolete the question or Article. If the post is a question, you can also select Go to question. After selecting an action, click Submit to proceed.

You can also Skip the post if you're unable to properly address the question or Article. This is preferable to verifying the post or marking it obsolete, as skipping the post will leave it in the review queue for someone with more time and/or expertise to address.

After you address or skip the post, the review queue will automatically load the next post until you've seen all the posts in the queue.

Mark content obsolete

If you have enough reputation to review content, you'll be able to mark questions or Articles as obsolete outside of the Content Health review process.

When you're viewing a question, you'll see links at the bottom of the post. Click Manage, then Mark obsolete to mark the question obsolete. Stack Overflow for Teams will mark the question with a banner and append "[obsolete]" to its title. You can reverse this process by clicking Manage then Unmark as obsolete.

When viewing an Article, you can mark or unmark the article as obsolete by clicking the three dots button and selecting the appropriate option.

Search for obsolete content

You can search for (or exclude) obsolete posts by using the “obsolete” advanced search operator. Add "obsolete:yes" to your search terms to include only obsolete posts. Add “obsolete:no” to exclude all obsolete posts. Learn more about advanced search.

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