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How to group content into Collections

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Applies to: All Stack Overflow for Teams


Stack Overflow for Teams Collections allows you to combine and organize questions and Articles into groups of related content. Collections work independently of tags; you can combine content with diverse tags into any Collection. This makes Collections a better solution for linking certain types of content than adding a common tag to those items.

Create or modify a Collection

Click Collections in the left-hand menu to access your site's Collections page. This page displays your Collections, as well as the total number of Collections on your site.

To create a Collection, click on Create a new Collection.

Enter a Title and Description. You'll then be able to edit the Collection.

To edit an existing Collection, visit the Collection you wish to edit and click Edit Collection.

When adding or editing a Collection, you can add new questions and Articles to the Collection by locating them with the search box. To change the order of content items in the Collection, use the six dots handle to drag them up and down. To remove a question or Article from the Collection, click its X button.

Stack Overflow for Teams saves all changes to the Collection's content items immediately. You only need to click Save when making changes to the Collection title or description.

You can also Delete an existing Collection from this screen.

Share a Collection

To share a Collection, open it and click Share Collection.

A box appears with a link to the Collection. Click Copy link to copy the Collection's link to your clipboard. You can then share that link to anyone with access to your site.

Control edit permissions

While creating or editing a Collection, click Permission settings to control who can edit the Collection.

The permission settings allow you to change the owner of the Collection as well as specify users and groups that can edit and view the Collection. If you don't change the default permission settings, anyone on your site can view the Collection but only the user who created it can edit it.

NOTE: If you create a Collection while inside a Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise private team, default permission settings allow only members of that team to view the Collection.

Bookmark a Collection

You can add a Collection to your bookmarked content for easy access. From within the Collection, click the three dots button. Select Bookmark collection.

After you click Bookmark collection, the selection changes to Unbookmark collection. Select Unbookmark collection to remove the Collection from your bookmarks.

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