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All about the badges you'll earn as you use your Stack Overflow for Teams site.

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Badges are little bits of digital "flair" that you earn for most activities you perform on your site. Stack Overflow displays the number and type of badges you've earned, together with your username and reputation score.

Stack Overflow badges fall into three broad categories:

  • Bronze badges Bronze badges are awarded for basic use of the site; they encourage people to use all the typical, routine functions of the site: posting questions, answering questions, voting up or down, tagging posts, editing, filling out your user profile, and so forth. Bronze badges are relatively easy to get.

  • Silver badges Silver badges are for experienced users who regularly use Stack Overflow for Teams. They encourage continued participation and returning to the site by awarding longer term goals. Silver badges are less common than bronze badges, but are attainable if you're dedicated.

  • Gold badges Gold badges are for the most committed users. They reward the most difficult feats; you'll have to not only participate consistently but be skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to earn these.

Earn badges

You'll earn badges as you achieve measurable goals on your site. Badges are awarded based on data, rather than human judgment. You don't have to worry about earning favor with an administrator or moderator to earn badges. Just use the site as you normally would, and have fun as you do so. Your site will grant badges to you.

You can earn some badges multiple times, so don't stop after you've earned a badge once.

Your badges

Other users will see your badge summary in the attribution area of any question, answer, or article you've written. Beneath your name, Stack Overflow for Teams displays your reputation score and a count of your gold, silver, and bronze badges.

You can see a similar badge summary in the site header, next to your profile picture (avatar image) and Reputation score. There Stack Overflow for Teams will display a count of your gold, silver, and bronze badges.

For more details about your badges, click your avatar image. On Stack Overflow Free, Basic, and Business, then click Your activity.

You'll see your activity summary page. The "BADGES" box shows your current badge counts, the latest badge you've earned, and the next badge you'll likely earn.

If you'd rather track your progress toward a different badge, click the "Next badge" gear button. In the "Select your next badge" pop-up, click on a different badge to track your progress toward that badge.

Scroll down your main activity page to see the "Badges" area. This shows your totals and latest badges earned for gold, silver, and bronze. Click any badge for more information.

To see all of your badges, click Badges in the activity menu. Your badges appear, with buttons to sort them by Recent (date), Class, or Name.

To learn more about any badge you've earned, hover your mouse over the badge name. Click the badge for even more information.

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