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With all of our expertise in building the world's #1 knowledge-sharing site, Stack Overflow still needs something of vital importance: you. Your voice—the user's voice—gives us valuable insights as we work to make Stack Overflow for Teams even better. User research is one of the best ways for us to listen.

How you can help

By participating in our research user group, you can:

  • Make a difference by sharing your unique perspective on how Stack Overflow for Teams can make your organization more successful.

  • Catch an early glimpse of potential changes to Stack Overflow for Teams.

  • Connect directly with our product development team.

  • Get compensated for your time.

Who should participate

This research opportunity is for current users and admins of Stack Overflow for Teams. We want diverse perspectives from superusers, new users, seasoned developers, and budding technologists. Wherever you are in your journey, we want to hear from you.

What's involved

We'll invite you to take part in activities like online surveys, focus group discussions, and virtual meetings. During our research, we’ll ask about your experience using Stack Overflow for Teams. We'll ask your opinion on potential changes, and may even share previews of upcoming features. Along the way, you'll get to share your thoughts with our researchers, designers, and product managers.

You'll receive just a few invites per year, and there's no obligation—you can accept or decline each invitation. You can also opt out of all invitations and leave the research group at any time. Keeping with our privacy policy, we'll only use your personal data to send you invitations to research events.

How to participate

Participating in our user research is easy. Click on your avatar (profile picture), then access your account settings. Click Edit email settings in the left-hand menu, then enable Invitations under the "Research" heading.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Need help? Submit an issue or question through our support portal.

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