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Use reactions to interact and engage with content.

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Applies to: All Stack Overflow for Teams


Similar to social media posts and chats, Stack Overflow allows you to add small graphic reactions to posts. Reactions are an easy, quick way to connect and engage with other users. Reactions are also efficient. Rather than many comments stating "thank you", for example, reactions allow users to express their appreciation while preserving the comments area for substantive comments.

NOTE: Though reactions are a fun way to interact and engage, they're no substitute for voting as reactions don't affect post scores or user reputation. To have the greatest impact on the quality of your knowledgebase, be sure to use the upvote and downvote buttons whenever appropriate.

Add or remove a reaction

To add a reaction, click the smiley face + button below the post options (Share, Edit, etc.). You'll see a selection window, which contains eight available reactions. Hover over any reaction to see its label. To apply a reaction to the post, click that reaction. There's no limit to the number of reactions you can apply to a post.

Stack Overflow displays a post's reactions next to its smiley face + button. All users can see who added a reaction to a post by hovering over the reaction. Any reaction you applied will be highlighted in the list. To agree with (increment) a reaction another user has already added, click it. To remove a reaction you added, click it.

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