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Manage Subject Matter Experts
Manage Subject Matter Experts
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Applies to: All Stack Overflow for Teams


Administrators and moderators can designate certain users as subject matter experts (SMEs). Their answers and Articles will then show as having been written by a person with extensive knowledge of a given topic. You can learn more about SMEs in the Subject Matter Experts article.

Tags and subject matter experts

Stack Overflow for Teams assigns SMEs to tags, so most SME management functions appear on the Tags page. To access the Tags page, click Tags in your site's left-hand menu.

The Tags table has the following columns: Name, Usage Guidance (description), number of Posts that use the tag, number of Watchers of the tag, number of subject matter experts (SMEs) assigned to the tag, and Date created. You can sort the Tags table by clicking the Name, Posts, or Date created heading.

Use the buttons above the Tags table to select between two different views. Click All to view all tags, or No SME assigned to view those tags with no SMEs.

NOTE: Viewing tags with no SMEs and sorting by Posts is an effective way to identify tags that have high usage but no subject matter experts. Finding and assigning SMEs for those tags will help drive engagement and improve the quality of your content.

Manage SMEs

To manage the SMEs assigned to a tag, click SMEs in the tag's row. You can also click the three dots button on any row and select Manage SMEs. The "Manage subject matter experts" box appears, listing the existing SMEs for that tag (if any).

To add a SME, start typing the name of the individual user or user group. When the user or group appears in the search results lists, click it to assign it as a SME to the tag. To delete a SME, click the X next to the user or group name.

NOTE: SOE will also search for users by email address and external ID.

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