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Subject matter experts (SMEs) have extensive knowledge of a given topic.

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Administrators and moderators can designate certain users as subject matter experts (SMEs). Their answers and Articles will then show as having been written by a person with extensive knowledge of a given topic.

When a SME answers a question, Stack Overflow for Teams adds "Answer from a subject matter expert" above their answer.

When a SME writes an article, Stack Overflow for Teams adds "Article authored by a subject matter expert in [tag]" to the top of the article.

View subject matter experts

The Stack Overflow for Teams Tags page holds information on SMEs as well as tags. To access the Tags page, click Tags in the left-hand menu.

The Tags page shows how many SMEs each tag has (if any). To see the SMEs for a given tag, click its SMEs link. The tag's subject matter experts page appears, showing the SMEs and how many questions they've answered in the last month. Click any SME name to see their profile and activity pages.

Clicking any tag takes you to the Tag page, which shows the number of SMEs for that tag along with their profile pictures. To see info on all the tag's SMEs, click Show all.

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