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Connect your Stack Overflow for Teams site to GitHub.

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Applies to: All Stack Overflow for Teams


The Stack Overflow GitHub integration allows your GitHub content to appear in Stack Overflow for Teams. GitHub URLs for file blobs, gists, pull requests, and commits will unfurl in Stack Overflow for Teams questions and answers.

Once an admin sets up the integration, anyone on the Team can use the integration by including a GitHub link in their question or answer.

NOTE: In order for link unfurling to work, the link must be on a line by itself. If using GitHub Enterprise, your GitHub instance can't be behind a VPN—it must be publicly accessible over the Internet.

Here's what a GitHub pull request looks like inside a Stack Overflow for Teams question or answer:

When a GitHub URL won't unfurl

To properly unfurl, a GitHub URL must be on its own line with no other text nearby. A GitHub URL will not unfurl if:

  • there is other text on the same line as the GitHub URL.

  • there is text on the line directly above or below the GitHub URL.

  • the GitHub URL is inside angled brackets (for example: <>).

  • the text editor is using Markdown format.

GitHub URLs in existing content

GitHub URLs unfurl only in Stack Overflow for Teams content added after an admin has enabled the GitHub integration. To unfurl a GitHub link in content added before the integration, edit and save the question or answer.

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