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Team admins can synonymize, merge, rename, and delete tags.

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Admin privileges required

Applies to: Free, Basic, Business

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The various administration options outlined below will allow you to more finely tune your team's needs and ensure the tags are searchable.

Merge or rename a tag

Sometimes, multiple tags are created in the system before synonyms can be created. For example, there may be ten questions tagged coffee and ten tagged espresso, when the users are best served by a caffeine tag.

You can merge one tag into another, causing all instances of the source tag to be rewritten to the target tag. You can also use this tool to rename tags by specifying a brand new tag as the target tag, which will be created as a part of the merge. Visit any tag on the team by clicking on it, and then click on Merge at the top right of the tag page.

When completing a merge, you can also specify to create a synonym automatically as part of the merge process instead of creating it separately later.

Create a synonym

Tag synonyms allow you to set a way to redirect all uses of one tag to use another tag instead. If a user starts to type a tag synonym, the appropriate target tag will be suggested instead and automatically corrected if the tag synonym is typed out in full.

Create tag synonyms by navigating to the list of all synonyms. Visit any tag on the team by clicking on it, and then click on Synonyms at the top right of the tag page.

The page will list all existing tag synonyms for the tag. Add a new one by clicking on see all tag synonyms to be taken to the next page, which lists all the existing synonyms across the team. Then click on Create synonym at the right and then fill out the information in the popup. You can also opt to perform a merge of the tags while creating the synonym. See "Merge or rename a tag" for more information.

A tag synonym can be removed on this page by clicking on the "…" to the right of any synonym and then selecting Delete.

Delete a tag

You can indirectly cause the deletion of a tag by removing the tag from all questions. Tags that are not associated to any questions will be removed from the system during automated maintenance, which may take up to a few days. However, this won't prevent a user from recreating the tag on a future question.

If you want to assure a tag won't appear on another question, the best thing to do is merge it with another tag and create a synonym. The tag synonym will make sure future attempts to create the tag are redirected to the appropriate tag.

The below additional feature is only available on Business.

Administrators are able to delete individual tags from their team by visiting Tags under Admin settings. Each tag listed on this page will have a Delete option available at the right. Please be careful when utilizing this feature. It will delete the tag from all questions and all history, as if the tag never existed. The action cannot be undone once completed.

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