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Control the timing and contents of notification emails.

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Applies to: Enterprise

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Stack Overflow Enterprise (SOE) can send you regular emails to keep you informed of activity on your site. You can control the frequency and content of these emails to include only the information you're interested in. This article provides an overview of your email and notification settings in SOE.

Access your communication settings

To access your communication settings, click your profile picture (avatar image) in the site header, then click Settings. In the settings menu, you'll see a "COMMUNICATION SETTINGS" heading with links to three communication settings pages. We'll explore each of those pages below.

Email settings

You can specify which notifications you want to receive by email from your main SOE site, as well as from any Private Teams you're a member of (if Private Teams is enabled on your site).

We're constantly working to make Stack Overflow better, and user research is a great way for you to share your thoughts and ideas for improvement. If you'd like to participate in our user research efforts, Enable research invitations. Learn more about Stack Overflow user research.

For You
The For Your inbox collects activity on all the content you've created or shown interest in. Choose a frequency (immediate, every three hours, daily, or weekly) to receive a For You summary by email. Learn more about For You.

Community Milestones
Enable this to receive alerts about new answers, accepted answers, and bountied questions.

Weekly Dashboard Report
Enable this to receive a weekly email with activity statistics derived from the Dashboard. Learn more about the Dashboard.

Watch and ignore tags

You can select which tags you'd like to receive updates about, and which ones you'd prefer to ignore. To add a tag:

  1. Go to the desired "Watched tags" or "Ignored tags" list.

  2. Locate the relevant area (main site or Private Team, if enabled), and click its Add a tag link.

  3. Begin typing the tag's name, and SOE will search for matching tags as you type.

  4. When you see the tag you're searching for, select it and click Watch tag or Ignore tag.

  5. If you're adding a watched tag, choose how often you'd like to receive an email alert (never, as soon as possible, or daily). If you choose Never, you'll be alerted to that tag's activity on the site but not by email.

  6. Click Done.

Learn more about tag watching and ignoring.

Community digests

Community digests spotlight the week's standout questions, including those still awaiting answers. You'll also be encouraged to accept answers to your own questions.

Check Personalize using my tag preference to tailor the digest emails according to your Tag watching and ignoring settings (see Watch and ignore tags above). If you enable this option, SOE will only include activity linked to your watched tags in the email digest.

If you need further support or have questions, contact your site administrator.

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