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How to use and manage your For You notifications.

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The For You feature is a personalized, running feed of notifications, actions, and alerts for each user on the site. The For You feed can help you get more from your Stack Overflow site:

  • A richer knowledge base For You alerts reveal actions you can take to create a deeper pool of shared knowledge.

  • Up-to-date information For You alerts help keep content from going stale. You can receive alerts when questions need answers or other content may be out of date.

  • Streamline your knowledge sharing For You provides a central location with actions and steps to share your expertise or discovering new knowledge.

For You notifications

The For You link sits in the left-hand menu, with a blue dot to the right to indicate the presence of new notifications. Click For You to go to your "For You" summary page. You can also receive For You alerts by email.

Filter and bulk actions

You can get up to speed quickly by viewing only unread notifications, or apply one of several different filters.

Filters include:

  • Feedback to one of your Articles

  • Activity on a tag where you are a subject matter expert

  • User group notifications

  • Answers to your question

  • New questions you can answer

  • Bounties

  • Questions with no answers

  • Questions where you haven't accepted an answer

  • Direct notifications to you

  • Edits to your posts

You can also save time by marking all notifications on the page as read with the Mark all as read button.

Setting reminders

You can set reminders to complete For You tasks later. Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of any alert to choose a preset "Reminder me later" interval. You can also set a custom time and date to receive a reminder.

You can cancel pending reminders by clicking the three dots and choosing Cancel pending reminder.

You can also mark a previously read notification as unread with the three dots menu.

If you need further support or have questions, contact your site administrator.

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