Use the Connectivity dashboard to track and improve collaboration across your site.

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The Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise (SOE) Connectivity feature allows you to visualize and track connections between your company's people and departments. This helps site administrators and moderators encourage company-wide knowledge sharing, break down silos, and identify opportunities to engage less-active departments and roles.

The Connectivity feature defines a "connection" as a user from one department or job title answering the question of a user from a different department or job title. It does not count unanswered questions, or questions/answers from within the same department or job title.

Connectivity requires your site to store Department and Job title information for each user. If you don't see any Connectivity data, please reach out to your site administrator.

To see your site's Connectivity report, click Dashboard in the left-hand menu. Click Connectivity at the top of the page. Your site's Connectivity page will appear. The page is divided into three parts: controls and filters at the top, overall stats and trends in the middle, and a chord chart or table at the bottom.

NOTE: Connectivity works only on your main site, not Private Teams (if enabled).

Filters and controls

Use the upper-left buttons to show interactions between Departments or users by Job Titles. To view a single department or job title instead of many, click Filter and choose the department or job title to display. To switch back to all departments or job titles, click Clear filter next to the "Connectivity for…" heading.

Clicking on the date range button allows you to select which dates to include in the Connectivity data. Select a preset date range from the Show last menu, or enter a start and end date in the Select range boxes. Finally, you can set the start and end dates of the range with two clicks on the calendar itself. The Compared to menu lets you select a previous date range to compare your current data to.

Beneath the controls you'll see three boxes with overall Connectivity statistics: Total connections, Connections per department (or job title), and Connection rate. In addition to the actual metric, SOE displays percentages that show how your current numbers compare to the selected previous period. A green up-arrow shows improvement, while a red down-arrow indicates decline. Click any i (information) button to learn more about each metric.

The Connectivity report

The heart of the Connectivity page is a chord chart that gives you a visual representation of connections between your departments and job titles. Colored, curved lines join departments or job titles, with the thickness of the line representing the number of connections.

To see the actual connection data, hover your mouse over any line.

You can also view the data in a table by clicking Table.

Chord charts and tables can include all departments or job titles, or just those with the most connections. Click Top departments or All departments (or job titles) to toggle the display mode. Note that showing all departments or job titles can result in a cluttered chart or table.

If you need further support or have questions, contact your site administrator.

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