Subject Matter Experts

How to assign and manage Subject Matter Experts.

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The Stack Overflow Enterprise (SOE) Subject Matter Experts feature allows site administrators and moderators to recognize knowledgeable members of your team. If you designate someone a Subject Matter Expert for a given tag, they'll receive an alert when a new question is posted with that tag. They'll also have an "EXPERT" label by their name on certain screens.

Managing Subject Matter Experts

If you're a team moderator, you can assign and remove Subject Matter Experts. To manage Subject Matter Experts, click Tags in the left sidebar, then any specific tag. From the tag page, click Manage Subject Matter Experts.

A dialog will appear showing existing Subject Matter Experts for the tag (if any), as well as a list of suggested users.

To add a Subject Matter Expert, click Add next to a suggested user's name. To add a user not on the suggested user list, locate them by typing their name into the Subject Matter Expert box. To remove a Subject Matter Expert, click X next to their name.

Click Save changes to save, or Cancel to discard your changes. New Subject Matter Experts will receive an email telling them they are now a Subject Matter Expert, alerting them to their new status for the specific tag.

Subject Matter Experts in action

All users can click Show all to see which team members are Subject Matter Experts for a particular tag.

A special label shows when a Subject Matter Expert answered the question.

It's important to acknowledge those with special skills or knowledge in a particular topic. Subject matter experts are a wealth of knowledge, and other users have much to learn from them. If you're a moderator, we recommend that you make it a priority to populate your tags with Subject Matter Experts.

If you need further support or have questions, contact your site administrator.

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