Stack Overflow for Teams API v2.3

How to access and update your site data with API version 2.3.

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The Stack Overflow for Teams API allows you to access and update your site data, opening up a world of possibilities for automation, reporting, monitoring, and more.

API v2 Explorer

One of the best ways to learn about and interact with API v2 is the Stack Overflow Enterprise (SOE) API Explorer. With it, you can test specific API methods and view the results. You can access API v2 Explorer and built-in documentation on your site at https://[your_site]/api/docs. You'll find the API Explorer in the Try it area.

You can also download a PDF of API v2 documentation here: API version 2.3 documentation PDF.

Here's an example of the online documentation for a specific API method:

You'll access all current API v2.3 methods at https://[your_site]/api/2.3. You can access API version 2.3 methods with that URL only.

API v3

Version 3 of the SOE API is also available. API v3 extends API v2 with new capabilities, an updated interface, and access to additional data types. Learn more about the features and benefits of Stack Overflow for Teams API v3.

If you need further support or have questions, contact your site administrator.

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