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Dark and High-Contrast Modes
Dark and High-Contrast Modes

How to use the dark and high-contrast display mode settings.

Written by Loren Alldrin
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Applies to: Enterprise

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You can view your Stack Overflow Enterprise (SOE) site in Dark Mode to reduce eye strain or High-Contrast Mode to make text more readable. You can even enable both of these modes at the same time.

Enable dark and High-contrast modes

To change how your SOE site looks, you'll need to access your personal preferences.

NOTE: Before you can use high-contrast mode, your site administrator has to enable it with a site-wide setting. If you don't see the high-contrast option in your settings, contact your site admin for assistance.

Follow these steps to change your display settings:

  1. Click your avatar image in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Click Account settings.

  3. Click Preferences under the "SITE SETTINGS" heading.

You'll see both dark and high-contrast display settings on this page.

Dark mode
Choose the Dark option on the right if you'd like to use dark mode always, or System setting to have the site follow your device's dark mode setting. Here are sample screenshots for how the site appears in light and dark modes:

High-contrast mode
After an admin has enabled high-contrast mode for your site, you'll be able to toggle the High Contrast setting on. High-contrast mode complements dark mode (if enabled). Here are sample screenshots for how the site appears in light and dark modes when high-contrast is enabled:

If you need further support or have questions, contact your site administrator.

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