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How to use SOE's content health monitoring and reporting features.

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Applies to: Enterprise

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Stack Overflow Enterprise (SOE) provides Content Health features to help your users identify stale knowledge for review and action, maintaining trust in the accuracy of Questions on your site.

Content Health notifications are included in the inbox feed, and users can filter for their own content in the Content Health Dashboard.

Automatically identify outdated content

Content Health identifies and surfaces content that have likely become inaccurate or out-of-date.

Subject matter experts are empowered to take action and review, update or retire the content to ensure the quality remains high over time.

The Content Health feature is currently available for main site content only, not Private Teams.

Content that needs your attention will be surfaced in a Content Health Review Queue. This allows Moderators and Administrators (as well as users with reputation above the “Access to Content Health” threshold) to conveniently go through Questions that need your attention one at a time. From review, users with access can edit to make improvements to ensure accuracy, verify content is still up-to-date, provide feedback on Articles, or mark as obsolete to lock the post while keeping it around for historical reference.

Calculation thresholds can be adjusted by a site administrator.

Content Health Dashboard

The Content Health dashboard in the left navigation menu is visible to site administrators, moderators, and users with reputation above the “Access to Content Health” threshold (same as Content Health review queue).

This page contains a summary of current settings as well as insights like number of posts that need review, total posts, and health overview. It also includes the ability to filter posts by title, type, and/or tags and ability to review all posts found. Users can also filter for their own content with the “Only show my posts” option.

Any filter selections on the Content Health Dashboard get transferred into the Content Health Review Queue for seamless navigation.

Marking content obsolete outside of Review Queue

Outside of the Content Health review queue, Site Administrators, Moderators, and users with access to Content Health can mark or unmark both questions and Articles as obsolete from within the post pages. Marking a post as obsolete indicates the content is outdated to others but should be kept around for historical reference. It will receive an [obsolete] post-fix in its title and a banner notice on the post page explaining that it is obsolete.

Mark or unmark a question as obsolete by selecting the appropriate option from the Manage menu directly below the question:

Mark or unmark an Article as obsolete by selecting the appropriate option in the three horizontal dots action menu at the top of the Article:

Search for obsolete content

Users can search for only obsolete content or exclude obsolete content by using the new “obsolete” advanced search operator: “obsolete:yes” (only include obsolete posts) or “obsolete:no” (exclude all posts that have been marked as obsolete).

For You inbox notifications

Content Health notifications are included in the For You inbox feed. Users with access to the Content Health Dashboard and Review Queue can filter for “Content Health notifications” in their “For You” page, and any posts identified as needing review after the 2022.2 upgrade are included in For You notifications. A follow-up notification is sent after 90 days if no review action is taken on a post previously identified as potentially out-of-date. To reduce notification volume, each user receives no more than 2 Content Health notifications via For You over 7 days.

If you need further support or have questions, contact your site administrator.

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