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How to use the SOE Unified Search feature.

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Stack Overflow Enterprise's Unified Search feature allows you to search and access knowledge from both the public Stack Overflow site and your private Stack Overflow Enterprise (SOE) instance. With the ability to search both private and public content, you will save time, benefit from a better knowledge finding experience, and overall be more efficient in completing tasks or resolving problems.

When using the top search bar, you can seamlessly search both your private SOE instance and the public Stack Overflow site. Private SOE instance search results will display first, above results from the public site. The public platform content search results are read-only. You can interact with the post by visiting the link to the public page (exiting the private SOE site).

For customer privacy and information security purposes, we don't log Unified Search requests of the public Stack Overflow site.

Using Unified Search

There are two ways to get results from the public stackoverflow.com site when performing a search from within your SOE site, depending on if your site has the Private Teams feature enabled.

First, stackoverflow.com results can be included by default so that they appear in your current and subsequent searches. This can be enabled by clicking into the search box and checking the Include results from stackoverflow.com box.

When checked, search results from stackoverflow.com will appear at the bottom of the results page under its own heading.

The second way to search the public Stack Overflow site is available to SOE sites with the Private Teams feature enabled. You can search only stackoverflow.com content by selecting "Public Stack Overflow" in the dropdown to the left of the search box.

Clicking into a search result from the stackoverflow.com public site takes you to a read-only results page. There you'll find a link to visit the post on the public site if you'd like to interact with the post directly (to up- or down-vote, for example).

Update Frequency

We update the search data for unified search multiple times a day. This ensures that you'll see new and updated content from the Stack Overflow public site soon after it's been published. To preserve optimum site performance, we don't update unified search data in real-time. This means you might have to wait a short time for the latest Stack Overflow content to shows up in your unified search results.

If you need further support or have questions, contact your site administrator.

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