Recover the content of a deleted article

You can't view a deleted article, but you can recover its content. Here's how.

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When you delete an article, Stack Overflow for Teams permanently makes that article inaccessible. You can still access the deleted article's revision history, however, which allows you to see its content. You can then copy and paste the article's content to a new article.

Locate the article ID

To access any article's revision history, you'll need its article ID. Typically, you can find the article's ID in the URL of the deleted article. For example: if the URL of the deleted article is[your_team]/articles/2275, then the ID of the article is 2275.

If you don't have the URL of the deleted article, check your browser history. If you can't find it in your browser history, see if someone in your company has recently accessed the article and can provide you the URL.

NOTE: You must have the ID of the article to recover its content.

Access content in the revision history

Once you have the article ID, you can access the revisions page of the article by putting your team name and article ID into this URL:[your_team]/posts/[article_ID]/revisions.

The article's revision page will appear. It lists all versions of the article, starting with the most-recent (highest-numbered) version. The revisions page offers three different view modes to show changes to the article: in-line, side-by-side, and side-by-side in Markdown format. In most cases, you'll use the side-by-side mode to recover article content.

Single article version
If your article has no revisions, copy all the content from the top of the page (version 1). Paste the content into a new article, and format as needed.

Multiple article versions
If your article has multiple versions, the default revision view will show changes inline (embedded) in the content. If you select the article content in this view, you'll pick up deleted and edited words along with the desired content.

Instead, click Side-by-side to show the latest version (and no inline changes) on the right side of the screen.

Select and copy the content from the desired version, which is usually the latest one at the top of the page. Paste the content into a new article, and format as needed.

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