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Stack Overflow for Teams bookmarks make it easy for you to mark and retrieve your favorite content. All Stack Overflow for Teams tiers allow you to bookmark questions, while Stack Overflow for Teams Business users can bookmark Articles as well.

To bookmark a question or Article, click the bookmark icon under the voting buttons on the left side of the screen.

The bookmark turns gold, and the bookmark counter increases by one.

To remove a bookmark, click the bookmark icon again. The bookmark icon turns gray, and the counter decreases by one.

Access your bookmarked content by clicking Bookmarks in the left-hand menu. A list appears, showing your bookmarked questions. The list will also include any bookmarked Articles for Stack Overflow for Teams Business users.

From the Bookmarks page, you can search your bookmarked content by title, tags, post type, and author. You can also sort your bookmarks by date added, newest, or recently edited.

A inbookmarks operator allows you to use the main Stack Overflow for Teams search bar to search your bookmarked content. Unlike the Post title search option on the bookmarks page, using this operator will search within the body of your bookmarked content as well as the title. Enter your search term(s) into the search bar, then add inbookmarks:[your user ID]. The search will return results only from your bookmarked questions (and articles for Business users).

Hint: you can locate your user ID by clicking on your avatar (profile picture) in the top bar and selecting Your profile. Your user ID appears as a number in the URL (for example: for user ID 7194). Note that your user ID is not the same as your account ID.

For more information on available search operators, see Search Existing Content.

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