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Stack Overflow for Teams URL Change
Stack Overflow for Teams URL Change
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Note: this article applies only to customers whose site we've migrated to the new URL.

As our product grows, we've identified ways to scale our infrastructure and continue improving our product experience and security. These improvements require some changes to the product. While most of these will be behind the scenes, there will be some changes that may impact your programs and users.

What's changing?

As part of our infrastructure migration to Microsoft Azure, Stack Overflow for Teams will be moving to its own separate domain at

This means your URL will change from[your_site] to[your_site].

Additional Changes

After your team is migrated to the new domain in phase one, you’ll also notice a few UX and UI changes. One of the biggest UI changes is users will no longer see your private team in the left sidebar on When users visit the new Teams domain, they will be able to switch between private teams in the left sidebar.

We've also made changes to how your Stack Overflow Team interacts with the public Stack Overflow site. While Teams users still find value in our public platform in addition to their private teams, customers naturally want to ensure there’s no confusion about where a user is engaging—on Stack Overflow’s public platform or their designated Teams product. By implementing Unified Search across the two separate domains, we alleviate confusion by providing a searchable, read-only index of the public site on your private Teams search results.

What action is required?

We’ll take care of most of the work behind the scenes, but there are a couple of actions you may need to take after the initial phase of this initiative.

  • Update programs and processes for your new URL:

    • If you have a firewall, you need to allow the new Stack Overflow for Teams domain,

    • While we will have redirects in place, we encourage customers to review any other programs or processes that use the existing URL and update them to your new URL. Encourage your employees to update existing bookmarks or workflows for the new domain as well.

  • Update your Slack integration:

    • If your organization uses the Slack integration, this will require a brief update. We’ve provided a simple step-by-step guide to walk you through the process here.

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