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Maintain the accuracy and relevance of your Stack Overflow content.

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Content Health

Content Health ​​is a set of features that help you maintain the accuracy and relevance of questions and articles within Teams. Content Health programmatically identifies and surfaces knowledge that has potentially become out-of-date. Users with a reputation of 75 or higher and “moderators” are empowered to verify, edit, or mark knowledge as obsolete, so knowledge in your team stays healthy, relevant, and useful.

Content Health includes the following features:

  • A new moderator role for Teams.

  • A calculated health status to determine questions and articles that need review.

  • A new review queue that surfaces questions and articles that are due for attention.

  • A content health dashboard where you can see a list of the questions and articles that are due for review.

  • A set of review actions to improve the health of a question or article:

    • Verify: Confirm that the content is still relevant and up-to-date.

    • Edit: Improve the content with updates. Editing is limited to moderators and assigned editors for articles.

    • Share Feedback (Articles Only): Send a note to an article’s editors with suggested improvements.

    • Mark Obsolete: Signal to your users that a question or article should not be relied upon anymore but might still be relevant in some cases

Moderator Role for Teams

Team admins can now assign any user to be a moderator. The moderator role is distinct from the Team admin role. Moderators do not have access to Teams admin settings or billing-related data.

Moderators can access the Content Health features irrespective of their reputation level. They can also edit any article in your Team. The Moderator role assignment only applies to your Team and does not grant any special access to any other Team or to the public site.

Calculated Health Status

The health status for every question and article on a Team is updated daily based on the age of the content and activity within the Team.

Admins can set the date and health thresholds in the Teams admin settings. With these thresholds, you can tune the Content Health queue to your needs. The date threshold sets how often your questions and articles should be reviewed if they haven't had any recent activity. The health threshold sets how deep into your knowledge base your engaged users, moderators, and admins should focus their curation efforts.

Content Health Review Queue

The Content Health review queue allows you to efficiently work through the questions and articles in your Team that need review. You can quickly read the question or article that’s presented and decide whether you want to take action on it or skip it. Whatever you decide to do, when you’re done, you will automatically be brought to another item in the queue. This queue is based on the review queues of the public site and optimized for giving a post its due attention and moving on to the next.

The queue is filled at least once per day based on the last activity on the post, how many views a post has, and the queue thresholds set in your Team admin settings.

To focus your efforts on the posts you have expertise on, you can filter the queue by up to three tags.

Content Health Dashboard

This Content Health Dashboard shows you a list of questions and articles that are due for review. From here you can review a specific post, or you can work through the whole queue. You can also filter by up to three tags to focus your efforts. Any filters you apply here will also be applied when you’re working through the Content Health queue.

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