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How to view question lists from inside the Microsoft Teams integration.
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Questions lists can now be viewed from inside of Microsoft Teams to enable quicker access without leaving the Team. Monitor your own question content to see the activity that occurs on it. Or, add tag-specific question lists to a Team or Chat in order to allow other users to easily access information from those tags.

Question Lists in the Stack Overflow for Teams Tab

By selecting the Stack Overflow for Teams integration from the tabs on the left sidebar, you can access a Home tab that will list questions for you. Each option on the left will provide a list of questions, including their vote score, answer count, views, title, tags, and the time of last activity. The title of any question can be clicked to view the question directly on your Stack Overflow Enterprise instance.

  • Bookmarked questions: Questions that you have bookmarked to review when you need them.

  • Followed questions: Questions that you are currently following.

  • Your questions: Questions that you have asked on your own.

  • Your articles: Articles that you have posted on your own.

If you happen to think of a question you want to ask on Stack Overflow Enterprise, you can also do this from your personal tab without leaving your Microsoft Team by clicking on "Ask a question" in the top left corner {link to Ask Question article}.

Question Lists in Chats and Teams

Allow your Team members to keep track of question and article activity in your Stack Overflow for Teams instance directly in your Microsoft Team through the use of Question Lists and Article Lists. While notifications serve as a way to track new information as it comes in, Question Lists and Article Lists enable your organization to quickly access existing information in a categorized fashion. This new functionality for V2 can be added to any Team or Chat that the bot is added to.

To add a tab, click the + in the list of tabs for your Team or Chat. From there, select the Stack Overflow for Teams app, and you’ll be provided a modal form to fill out. Select “Questions” if you want to create a tab that tracks questions, or “Articles” if you want to create a tab that tracks articles. You can additionally choose to have this tab display all content from all tags, or only those with specific tags. Finally, you can choose whether this tab is added with a message to the Team or Chat or if it is silently added. Once the tab is created, these filter settings can be changed at any time by clicking on the tab and picking “Settings”.

Once the tab is setup, this tab is now accessible to all users who are in the given Team or Chat. The tab will display a list of all posts on the main site that satisfy the criteria specified during its creation.

The list of contents for a tab will contain general information on the Votes, Answers, Views, Title, Tags, and most recent activity that occurred on the post. Clicking on the Title for a question will bring you to the corresponding question in your Stack Overflow for Teams instance.

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