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Use Message Extensions to help direct conversations in your Microsoft Team to the available resources in your Stack Overflow for Teams instance. Information exchanges easily and quickly in a conversation, so message extensions allow that exchange to be recorded or assisted with ease without leaving the Microsoft Team.

In order to maximize the Message Extension options, the Stack Overflow for Teams bot needs to be added to the Team or Chat that you wish to have this functionality. Message Extensions will be available even without the bot present, but certain components (the ability to post search results or to allow someone else to ask a question) require the bot to be added to the Team or Chat.

Ask on Teams

Choose this option to convert a message’s content into a question that can be asked on your Stack Overflow for Teams instance from within your Microsoft Team. A modal prompt will be given that asks for a Title, Body, Tags, and optionally Team Members that you wish to notify of the question. The body will be pre-filled with the content of the message you performed the message extension on. Once all fields have been filled, press ‘Post Question’ to submit your question to your Stack Overflow for Teams instance.

If you’re not certain about the information you have at hand in order to compose a quality question, you can use the “Suggest Asking on SO Teams” button to ask your coworkers for assistance. This will create a post in reply to the original message, noting that you believe the question would be a good one to ask. Using the “Post in MS Teams” button on the new message will allow another user to ask a question just as if they had used the Message Extension themselves. If you had already filled out some of the fields before suggesting it, these fields will also be included in the form when your coworker starts it, allowing them to complete the information that you had left.

Search on Teams

Choose this option to perform a search on a message’s content against the information stored in your Stack Overflow for Teams instance. If there are any results for the message, you will be presented with a modal pop-up that lists those search results. You can open up the full questions from this pop-up to view the full question in another tab. Or, if you need to share this information to the others in the Team or Chat, you can use the “Post in Team” or “Post in Chat” buttons. These will create a post in reply to the original message, containing the search result that you selected.

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