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Maximize exposure of the content you create by learning how to share it with your team.
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Depending on the content you want to share, there are slightly different ways of going about it. Find the type of content and learn how to share it with your team.

Questions and answers

Each question or answer will have a Share link directly below the body of the post. Clicking it will open a popover with a short link to the post.

Note: The short links also contain your user Id at the end of the link. This Id is not necessary for the link to function, but removing it will prevent you from earning certain badges for sharing the link with others.


Click on Share article at the top right of the article to open a popover containing a link to the article. You can also use our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations to find and share articles right where your organization communicates.

To make sharing easier, heading in articles will also have a hyperlink icon directly to the right of the heading. This link will scroll the article to that heading’s position and update the article’s URL in your browser. Sharing that updated URL will render the page scrolled to that position. In most web browsers, can also right-click on the link icon and copy the heading’s link.


Click on Share collection at the top right of the collection to open a popover containing a link to the collection.

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