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Each tag has two pieces of editable text: an excerpt and a wiki. These are both used to help define what the tag means to your company, as well as provide guidance to other team members on how to properly use the tag. Any member can edit both of these by clicking on the tag to visit its tag page. Depending on if the tag already has usage guidance, you'll either click on help us create it or Improve tag info to be taken to the edit page.

The excerpt, or usage guidance, is a shorter description of the tag. This is the text that will appear below the tag in suggestions when asking or editing a question, as well as in the popover box when you are hovering a tag. It is limited to 460 characters total, so keep your guidance short and direct.

Note: If the tag is inherited from the public site, the guidance will also be inherited until such a time that someone on your team writes custom guidance for the tag.

The wiki is a larger body of text that can be used to provide a more thorough explanation of a tag, dump links to relevant resources, or whatever else you might want to be readily available for a user viewing the tag's description.

Syntax highlighting

After editing the tag info, you will be redirected to a page showing the new version of the tag info you just entered. At the bottom of this info page, team admins can also change the Code Language for the tag. If the tag represents a programming language, the code language specifies which language questions with the tag should be automatically highlighted as when entering code into the body.

If no highlighting should be applied to the tag, leave it set as <none>. Otherwise, select the relevant language from the dropdown and Save the change.

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