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Control the visibility of tags that interest you or are not relevant.

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Watching and ignoring tags have their own benefits to viewers. A watched tag will appear highlighted in your list of questions to make them stand out from the rest. An ignored tag will be faded in your list of questions so they are less visible.

In addition to highlighting questions for tags you've watched, you can also receive notifications of new questions which use a watched tag, every fifteen minutes or every day. Those notifications will be sent to your current verified email address, which can be changed in your email settings.

There are multiple ways you can watch or ignore a tag:

  • When viewing a list of questions, there will be boxes for watched and ignored tags in the right sidebar. Use the buttons there to manually add a tag to either list.

  • If you've just stumbled across a tag you'd like to watch or ignore, you can hover over the tag to view the popup or click on the tag to visit the tag page. Use the corresponding button to watch or ignore the tag from there.

  • While editing your profile, you can view a list of all your watched and ignored tags across all your teams and the public site by clicking on Tag watching & ignoring under Email settings.

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