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Learn how tags are created or imported by admins, and how they must be formatted.
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A tag cannot exist without at least one question where it can be applied, so the first step is making sure there is a question that covers the topic. Create new tags when you feel you can make a strong case that your question does cover a new topic that nobody else has asked about before, such as a new technology that was recently released. Don't create tags for the sake of creating tags, though. Strive to use existing tags as much as possible.

When asking a question, any user can enter a tag into the tags box the same as any other tag. Make sure to hit space to ensure it gets formatted correctly as a tag on the edit screen. Once the question is submitted, the tag will automatically be created.

Once a tag is created, it will be available for everyone to use via the tag suggestions. If a tag is removed from all existing questions, it will be automatically removed during a nightly cleanup.

Tag formatting rules

There are a few rules that all tags must follow in order to be accepted by the system:

  • Tags use all lower case letters, and any upper case letters inserted will be changed to lower case.

  • Tags can only consist of up to 35 characters.

  • Only the following characters can appear in a tag: a-z, 0-9, +, #, -, and .

  • Replace spaces with hyphens to combine multiple words into a single tag.

  • Avoid other punctuation as it can make it difficult to use the tag in a URL.

When naming a tag, think about how someone would search for that subject. In most cases this means typing out the full name, but you may also want to use the abbreviation if it is more commonly known or the full name is too long.

Tag administration

This extra feature is only available on Business.

Admin Privileges Required

Team admins can access various tag administration tools by visiting the Tags section under Admin settings.

  • Add new tags individually by clicking Add new tag, then provide a tag name and an optional description.

  • Add tags in bulk by clicking Upload CSV, and uploading a CSV formatted with the following fields: Name (required), Description (optional), and Wiki Body (optional)

Tags that are created using the tag management page are exempt from the usual rules for creating tags. They do not need to first be used on an existing question and will not be removed by the nightly tag cleanup, which clears out any tags that are no longer used on questions.

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