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Get help setting up your on-premises Stack Overflow Enterprise site.

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The deployment service for Stack Overflow Enterprise is a paid engagement to provide 90 days of assistance when setting up and deploying your Stack Overflow Enterprise service.

All deployment services and support is provided remotely via email, phone, and video conference unless on-site services are arranged and paid for.

NOTE: we use the generic word "community" in this article, not to be confused with Stack Overflow's Communities feature.

Technical Support & Success

The Technical Support portion of the deployment services includes a 30 day period of support for provisioning servers, installing files, and setting up dependent services for Stack Overflow Enterprise. The thirty days of service begin after delivery of the installation files or at the agreed upon starting date, for whichever date comes first. A Deployment Engineer will be assigned to aid the successful technical deployment of the application. The Deployment Engineer will be available for the following:

  • Technical support via email with responses within one business day for the following topics:

    • Pre-requisites and server provisioning requirements

    • Application architecture

    • Customizing the look and feel of the site

    • Supported authentication protocols

    • Unexpected errors and application behavior

    • Installation

    • Scalability and redundancy

  • Scheduled technical support or discussion via phone and/or screen share

All items herein are subject to change in accordance with future changes to the architecture and deployment process of the Stack Overflow Enterprise Application.

Community Development

The Community Development portion of the deployment service covers an approximately 90 day period in which the Stack Overflow team will work with you to organize and begin building your knowledge sharing community.

This service will be led by the assigned Customer Success Manager who will work with the Client’s internal team to lay the groundwork for a successful internal community. Community Development services include:

  • Setting up and configuring the Stack Overflow Enterprise software

  • Identifying community leaders and initial community participants

  • Messaging, communication, and marketing of the SO Enterprise community to your internal team

  • Building support and excitement in your organization

  • Training of the leaders of your community team in community management and best practices

  • Guidance in creating and running the pilot portion of your community to seed initial content and usage

Once the community has been launched to your full internal group, the initial Community Development process is considered complete and ongoing community development support will be provided as part of your annual package.


Training is provided for the internal team that will be leading and managing the community for your organization, as well as any community moderators/admins.

Training includes

  • General site usage

  • Basics of community management and online communities

  • Usage of moderator tools

  • Configuration and usage of administrative tools

These sessions will be conducted via video conferencing and can be recorded for distribution to other members of the team. On-site training can also be arranged for at an additional cost.

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