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Enterprise users can access their documentation here. Find your plan.

Companies that currently use Stack Overflow for Teams (Basic or Business tiers) may want to move to our Enterprise plan hosted on Azure. Stack Overflow can provide many options to address your needs and concerns, and develop a complete migration plan based on real-world testing to get your data safely and securely moved into your new site.


From a migration planning perspective, we’ll work with you to identify the right configuration for your new hosted Enterprise site and work through the actual steps of the migration.

Hosted Enterprise Environment

Your Sales representative will reach out with the options we have available for hosting in our Azure environment. We can help you identify the appropriate level of hosting, and select the options that will best serve your team going forward. These options are listed below, organized by discussions we need to have to assure a smooth migration and discussions that may need to happen, depending on the options chosen for the hosting environment:

Required Items

Identity Provider We will work with you to configure the new production Enterprise site with your IDP. We can discuss these changes based on the starting and ending FQDNs of the site and the Identity Provider features available. Any changes will need to preserve the verified email addresses to map users to their accounts.

Whitelisting If you decide to use Sendgrid to send Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise emails, we’ll need to have your e-mail provider and/or your spam vendor whitelist and to ensure email deliverability.

Integrations (Slack/Microsoft Teams/Jira Cloud/GitHub Enterprise) Integrations in use with the Business tier of Stack Overflow for Teams will need to be re-installed. Due to the increased security of Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise, additional discovery may be needed. All integrations should be set up during the testing phase to validate compatibility.


URL Migration By default, every customer site is provided a host in the domain. For example, you might have acme-test for the test migration and acme for the production migration, if you were representing Acme Corporation. We will handle these name changes and issue the appropriate certificates. Should you wish to use a custom domain, we'll need a certificate/key pair issued for the desired FQDN (transferred by the agreed-upon Secure Data Exchange method). We'll also need to provide a CNAME record for your DNS.

Firewall Rules By default, we don't provide any firewall rules. We can accept an IP Whitelist of rules as a CIDR range to restrict access to the site.

Other Concerns There may be other concerns we need to address. Every customer is different, and we are dedicated to assuring a migration that fits your needs.


The following sections outline the specific data we bring over, and some of the known limitations in the process - these may be due to settings that no longer apply on Enterprise or because of the slower pacing of updates on our premium tier to enable greater configurability and compliance, or for other efficiency reasons.

The following sections outline the specific data we bring over, and some of the known limitations in the process - these may be due to settings that no longer apply on Enterprise or because of the slower pacing of updates on our premium tier to enable greater configurability and compliance, or for other efficiency reasons.

Data Imported to Enterprise

  • Active Users

  • Posts

  • Comments

  • Images

  • Badges

  • Reputation

  • Votes Known Limitations

  • Mentions

  • Tag wikis or excerpts

  • Tags watched, tags ignored

  • Reactions

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Post History: If multiple users collaborated on a post, we'd only show the last version on the site (attributed to the post author).

  • We are not importing user permissions. The admin user will need to grant them once on Enterprise. • We are not importing tag-synonyms or one boxes.

  • Integration settings will not be ported over since on Enterprise, customers will need to set up their apps. • Every user gets the default email preferences.

  • Deactivated users are not imported into Enterprise.

  • Performance data will be backfilled during migration via a scheduled route, but it may be different due to the loss of deactivated users.

  • Newer features are paced slower on Enterprise, to account for security, compliance, and additional configurability options. It could take 3-6 months for the feature to make it to Enterprise unless we deprecate entirely. Given that, some features may be available on Business, earlier than Enterprise. These features will be evaluated on a case by case basis, pre-migration and we’ll look to migrate data for the most essential subset if present.

How Does It Work?

  • We will set up a secure test environment where we will do the test migrations until you approve the data. The test environment uses our own IDP and credentials will be provided. During these test migrations, you will be able to continue to use the Business tier, and there will be no downtime or impact.

  • Next, we ask for your permission to generate an encrypted export of your data. An admin on your team will need to approve the request under Account Information on your admin settings page. This will allow us to perform encrypted data exports for 30 days.

  • We will then export your data in an encrypted format which will generate a decryption key that will be sent to the admin of your choice via email. Once the encryption key is sent to us, we will load it into a secure internal development environment, scan it for quick issues, and then migrate it to the Azure Hosted test environment.

  • Your team then validates the migration, assuring that the data is in the proper state. If any issues are discovered, remediation is performed and we will repeat the test migration process until we have your final approval. Each time we repeat a test migration we will generate an encrypted export with a unique encryption key. That key will be emailed to the admin of your choice. Once you share that key with us, we can proceed.

  • Once the test migration is approved, we are ready to do the final migration to your Enterprise production environment. This includes setting up your Azure-hosted Enterprise production environment using your IDP and creating the first Admin user. Once that’s set up and you verify your IDP is working, we’ll proceed to the final migration with a fresh data export.

  • During the final migration, your Stack Overflow for Teams - Business site, will be set to read-only and we migrate the data into your Enterprise tier Azure Hosted environment. This should typically take 24-48 business hours to complete.

With the migration successful, the new site is delivered and returned to full availability in its new home. Congratulations, and welcome!

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