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Admin privileges required

Applies to: Free, Basic, Business

Enterprise users can access their documentation here. Find your plan.

If you wish to review your current and past payment history, visit Payment history under the Billing section of Admin settings.

This will provide a page similar to the following:

Payments History
You will find a list of all payments that have been made for the history of your Team. Your invoices are sorted in descending order, with the most recent at the top.

Download Invoice
You can download a PDF of an invoice for your records by clicking "Download Statement" to the right of any given entry. Alternatively, you can review a simple text receipt of the transaction by clicking "Download Receipt".

Other Payment Information
On the right side of the page, you will find general information about the current status of your subscription. This information is similar to the information you may find when reviewing your Current Plan.

The current balance will include any prorated charges or credit available due to the number of users increasing or decreasing between billing dates, reflecting the number of licensed users shown above. If you have an annual subscription, this balance will be charged to the account at the end of the current month. If the balance is negative from removing users, it will not reduce the renewal cost directly but instead acts as credit, should new users be added before the next renewal date. The balance will reset to 0 after each billing date.

The renewal total represents what the final bill will be at the time of the next renewal payment, as well as noting when the renewal billing date is. If the number of users changes, the renewal total will update accordingly. The renewal total will include any current balance reflected above it.

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