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View Plan Details or Upgrade
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Admin privileges required

Applies to: Free, Basic, Business

Enterprise users can access their documentation here. Find your plan.

If you wish to review your current subscription details and other available Teams subscription plans, visit the Plan tab under the Billing section of Admin settings.

Current plan

In the top left box, you'll see your current subscription type listed with a snapshot of the available products included in your plan.

In the top right box, you'll see a breakdown of your account specifics and billing line items associated with your subscription. The amount of line items shown depends on your subscription type.

Current Plan

  • This indicates your current Teams subscription i.e. Free, Basic, Business, and Enterprise.

Billing Frequency

  • This indicates if your subscription is billed Monthly or Annually.

Licensed Users

  • Displays the number of active users currently on your team account. This refreshes every 30 minutes.

Upcoming renewal date

  • The date your subscription expires and when your plan is scheduled for renewal.

Outstanding Charges

  • Balance: amount that you owe or have credit towards on your subscription.

  • Positive balance: money that you owe that will be cleared at end of month for annual, or at monthly renewal

  • Negative balance: due to credits for returned seats: can offset prorated charges for new seats through the end of the renewal period. In most instances, these cannot be carried over. Please contact customer service if you would like more information on this.

Upcoming renewal amount

  • This indicates the cost of your next subscription.

Renewal Total

  • This is the total payment due on the next billing cycle

Upgrade subscription

Follow these easy steps to Upgrade your Subscription.

  1. Click Upgrade in the box of the associated plan you wish to upgrade to.

  2. You will then be presented with a pop-up window to customize the following fields with your account information for the new subscription.

    • Choose your billing cycle: Pay annually or Pay monthly.

    • Enter the payment details of the credit card that will used for your subscription charges.

    • Enter the billing address that is associated with your credit card.

  3. Lastly, you review your details including number of users, cost per year, Teams admin name and email address – and hit Confirm upgrade.

Want to compare plans? Please see our pricing page for more detail on teams pricing and plans.

Need help? Submit an issue or question through our support portal.

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