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Show your appreciation or other thoughts in a fun and clutter-free way.
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Available on Free, Basic, Business plans

Reactions allow you to express your thanks or let your team know that you need help. They're easy, fun, and give your community a new and clutter-free way to engage with each other. Rather than ending up with a long list of comments stating "thank you," you can have a list of users who thanked the author conveniently displayed and keep the comments free for follow-up.

Reacting to a post is easy! Just click on the smiley face icon under the usual voting controls to the left of any post, questions or answers, and then click on the reactions you want to add. You can add any number of reactions to each post, even all of them.

As reactions are added by users, a count of the reactions will appear below the smiley face. Clicking on that count will display a list of users that reacted to the post and how they reacted.

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