Accept answers for deactivated users

Admins can manually accept answers for users who are no longer a part of the team.

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Admin privileges required

Applies to: Free, Basic, Business

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Normally, an answer to a question can only be accepted by the asker. While votes show how many people found an answer useful, acceptance is a sign from the asker that the answer solved their problem. You should always encourage your members to accept answers when they have solved the problem they asked about.

However, if a user has been deactivated or delete for any reason, they cannot return to accept an answer. For this scenario, we provide admins of a team the ability to accept an answer so they can point future readers to the correct solution.

When viewing answers to a question that was asked by a user who is now deactivated, an admin will see the checkmark as if they asked the question with a special ADMIN label. Clicking this checkmark will mark the answer as accepted as if the asker had done so. As with standard acceptance, it can be undone by clicking the checkmark again, or by picking a different answer to accept.

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