Assign Subject Matter Experts

Identify the users in your Team who can help people best in a variety of subjects

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Admin privileges required

Applies to: Business

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NOTE: only team admins and moderators can use the features discussed in this solution.

The subject matter expert (SME) feature allows knowledgeable members of your team to be easily recognized and acknowledged within your organization.

To assign a SME, team admins can click Tags on the left sidebar, then any specific tag. From a tag page, click on Manage subject matter experts.

A dialog will appear allowing you to add and remove team members:

When a user is assigned SME status for a tag, they will be automatically subscribed to updates for that tag. By default, the tag notifications will be daily, but can be updated from email settings.

All users can click Show all to see which team members are SMEs for a particular tag.

When a question is answered by an SME, it will be denoted by the following:

We believe it’s important to acknowledge those with special skills or knowledge in a particular topic. Subject matter experts are a wealth of knowledge, and there is so much to learn from them. Head on over to your team, and start populating your tags with SMEs today!

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