Microsoft Teams Integration Overview
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Applies to: Free, Basic, Business

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Our integration with Microsoft Teams connects your chat and your internal knowledge base. Stay up-to-date with notifications of new information, search for existing answers, even start your question right from the chat platform.

The integration lets you:

  • Search through your Team's content to find answers to your most pressing questions.

  • Stay up-to-date on your Team's latest answers and information with automated notifications.

  • Convert a post within Microsoft Teams to a question within Stack Overflow for Teams using the messaging extension.

  • Share and preview content from your Private Q&A right within your Microsoft Team.

Install the Stack Overflow for Teams App
For help installing the Microsoft Teams integration, please follow our installation guide.


Minimize context switching by searching for critical knowledge without leaving Microsoft Teams.

If a teammate asks a question within Microsoft Teams, search and share verified knowledge from Stack Overflow for Teams using the messaging extension within the channel.

  • Searching via the messaging extension will show results to the user, but by sharing via the “post” button on the results, everyone in the channel can benefit from the knowledge.

Search organizational knowledge within Stack Overflow for Teams using the channel bot action. Search results will display within the channel for quick access, and the search results will display to everyone within the channel.

Search with message extensions

View search results

Additionally, users can search from within the editor by clicking the ellipse, selecting the Stack Overflow app, and entering search terms.


Setting up notifications of your Team's activity in MS Teams is an essential part of growing and maintaining your knowledge repository. You can add Stack Overflow for Teams notifications to channels and direct messages to keep up with question and answer activity in your Team.

Capture Knowledge

Convert a post within Microsoft Teams to a question within Stack Overflow for Teams using the messaging extension. An ask modal will display within Microsoft Teams, helping to minimize the need to switch between applications.

If a user needs help filling out all of the details within the question, teammates can chime in and finish asking the question.

Ask a question using the channel bot and receive the best matching result directly in the chat. Minimize team distractions by accessing existing knowledge, and if there are no answers to your question, receive a prompt to ask on Stack Overflow for Teams.

Capture knowledge for reuse by asking question on Stack Overflow for Teams through message extensions

Ask questions from within Microsoft Teams

Access Knowledge

Enable employees to be more efficient by accessing pertinent knowledge from Stack Overflow for Teams within the new tab or create an oasis of knowledge tailored to a user within a personal app. Quickly access solutions to resolve issues or stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge that may be needed in the future.

Users can access important knowledge including bookmarks, Questions, and Articles using the personal app.

Bot actions include search, ask, notify and help

Easy-to-access knowledge within a Channel's Tab

Access knowledge within the personal app

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