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Install the Stack Overflow for Teams Slack App

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Admin privileges required

Applies to: Free, Basic, Business

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Install the Stack Overflow for Teams Slack App

Note: Your organization's Slack Workspace administrator may need to approve the app. Also, make sure you are installing the "Stack Overflow for Teams app" and not "Stack Overflow for Teams Basic & Business".

From the Stack Overflow for Teams page on the Slack App Directory, click the Add to Slack button.

On the following page, click the Add to Slack button for the Team you'd like to connect with. Please note, that a Slack instance can only be connected to one Stack Overflow Team at a time.

If you're not an admin on your Team, click Request installation and your Team admins will be notified to grant access to the integration.

After installation, it is highly recommended to navigate to the Slack settings page on Stack Overflow and enable notifications for all of your public channels.

Once enabled, the app will go through adding the Stack Overflow integration to all public Slack channels. This may take several hours if your Slack workspace has more than a few hundred channels. If you don't enable this option, users will need to add the Stack Overflow bot to the channel before they can set up notifications. Please note, that you will still need to manually add the bot to private channels.

/invite @Stack Overflow for Teams

Alternate Instructions

In certain cases, the above instructions will not work. What follows are alternate instructions to install Slack on your Stack Overflow Team.

  1. Go to[your-team]/admin/integrations/slack.

  2. Click Learn More.

  3. Select the relevant team and click Add to Slack.

  4. Make sure you're adding the right Slack Workspace, then click Allow.

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