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The Stack Overflow Jira integration works with Jira Cloud to create a two-way flow of information. This allows you to search your Stack Overflow for Teams data from within a Jira issue, or see Jira issues from within your Stack Overflow questions and answers.

Search Stack Overflow from a Jira issue

With the Stack Overflow for Teams Jira integration installed, you should see a Similar questions widget in the right-hand sidebar of your Jira issues.

Click the Similar questions link to search your Stack Overflow for Teams site for content related to the title of the Jira issue. Jira will show up to five related questions in the right-hand column. These results include the question title, a brief summary of the question, and a link to the question.

Jira content in Stack Overflow

When you place a link to a Jira issue in a Stack Overflow question or answer, the link will unfurl to show a summary of the Jira issue.

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