Configure SCIM with Entra ID
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Admin privileges required

Applies to: Basic, Business

Enterprise users can access their documentation here. Find your plan.

After following the Entra ID Enterprise Application instructions for setting up a SAML connection you will be able to set up SCIM provisioning for your application. Please note the SCIM provisioning limitations here.

NOTE: Before October 2023, Entra ID was called Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

1. Entra ID SCIM Setup for Stack Overflow for Teams

On Entra ID for the Stack Overflow Application in the left-hand menu click Provisioning then click Get started.

For Provisioning Mode select Automatic Option

Enter the following for Admin Credentials

Tenant URL[your_site]/auth/scim/v2
โ€‹ Secret Token Generated Token on Stack Overflow see instructions below.

In Stack Overflow Business, enable SCIM and generate a SCIM authorization token for your application at /c/[your_site]/admin/access/scim. Please note that this token will only be visible when you generate it. If it is lost, you will need to generate a new one and reconfigure your Okta application.

Then click Test Connection green checkmark will appear in Tenant URL on successful connection.

Don't forget to Save.

2. Entra ID SCIM User Mapping

On Mappings, you can set the mapping for Groups and/or Users

To prevent error messages sent Target Object Actions to just Update.

Stack Overflow doesn't support Create or Delete actions via SCIM.

The following attributes should be configured.

  • userName The User ID (must match the Display Name Assertion provided in /admin/access/authentication)

  • active (true/false) Determines whether or not the user should be deactivated or reactivated in Stack Overflow Business

  • Required fields for SCIM 2.0 (these are commonly mapped for you by your Identity Provider. Usually no action is needed on your part): name.givenName, name.familyName, emails

NOTE: Microsoft Entra ID SCIM doesn't support user role promotion or demotion.

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